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Average AdSense CTR BY Search Engine

February 10, 2008 | In Average AdSense CTR BY Search Engine |
Search Enqine

Froogle - froogle.google.com
MSN - searcb.msn.com
Dog Pile - www.dogpile.com
Yahoo! - searcb.yaboo.com
My Web Search - www.mywebsearch.com
Earthlink - search.earthlink.net
My Search My Way - kd.mysearch.myway.com
AOL Search - aolsearch.aol.com
Google - www.google.com
Google Spain - www.googje.es
Google Canada - www.google.ca
Google UK - www.google.co.uk
Google Netherlands - www.google.nl
Google Australia - www.google.com.au
Google France - www.google.fr
Google Italy - www.googje.it
Google Germany - www.google.de

CTR (%)


Talk about your valuable statistics! Traffic from different search engines most certainly yields different CTR. The reason Froogle is the highest is pretty obvious—people searching Froogle are actively in search of buying a product.

The reason for the other search engine CTRs is highly speculative, but I personally believe has a lot to do with the sophistication of the searcher. MSN comes as the default page for Internet Explorer on all Windows browsers, and (in my opinion) people who leave their default page to MSN are probably not as savvy net surfers as those who do not.

The big question for most readers might be, “Why is Google’s CTR so low?” I personally believe that the answer has two parts:

1. Ad Words. Often the same Ad Words ads that appear on search engine result pages for a set of keywords will appear on the pages that are in those results. This is true since the content is very similar (which is, afterall, why they are in those results). If a searcher was going to click on one of those ads, he has a good chance of doing so on the search results page and not your page.

2. Google searchers tend to be more net savvy than other searchers. Google is often hailed as the “Computer Geek Search Engine”, and those who pride themselves on being up on technology like to use it. These individuals are usually quicker to spot the difference between a on-page link and an advertisement.

Finally, the reason for the non-English Google search traffic not doing so well is most likely the language barrier.

Bottom line: Do not focus all of your search engine optimization efforts on Google!

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