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Average AdSense revenue By Weekday

February 10, 2008 | In Average AdSense revenue By Weekday |
WeekdaySunday 5.76
Monday 4.50
Tuesday 4.70
Wednesday 4.29
Thursday 4.00
Friday 3.92
Saturday 4.54
CTR (%)5.76

Although there’s not much that can be clone to alter your CTR by weekday, I thought I’d throw this table in just because it’s interesting. Sunday seems to be the best performing day, with Friday on the bottom. Why? And why is Tuesday better than Saturday?

I have a theory—and that’s all it is, a theory, so take it with a grain of salt. Friday is low because more people are preparing for their weekend trips and activities, and so they have less time to surf the web. Saturday is low because those same people aren’t home! Sunday is high because they’re back from their activities and wan|t to hang out at home. And what are we doing more and more for recreation while at home? Web surfing.

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