Choose the Best Colors For Your Adsense Ad Block

September 24, 2007 | In Choose the Best Colors For Your Adsense Ad Block |

Most AdSense publishers have read that making the border color and the background color of your AdSense ad blocks match the web page on which the ads appear will improve your CTR. This is generally true (but not always, as the “Facts and Figures” section reveals). As a general rule of thumb you will see an increase in CTR by making your background and border colors the same as the background of your web page.
So, for example, if the background of your pages is white, make the border white and the background white for your ads. If your background is green, make them green. The reason for this is that the ad block looks less like an advertisement if it blends with your site.

Two additions to the above which you may not already be aware of are: 1) The statistics show that using the “standard” blue link color works best, with one exception which is covered in the “Facts and Figures” section, and 2) You should make the color of the url to the advertiser a color that does not stand out on the page (that’s the small url that appears below the ad text—not the link url). Both of these steps make your ads look less like ads, thereby increasing the CTR.

Bottom line: Make the border and background colors of your ad blocks match the background color of the web page, make the link color the standard “blue”, and make the advertiser url a color that does not stand out.

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