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TOP 10 Url Colors for Adsense

February 10, 2008 | In TOP 10 Url Colors for Adsense |

Color        CTR (%)
999999      9.22
0000CC     8.00
blue           7.20
AAAAAA   6.06
008000    5.95
000000    4.93
006633     4.74
FFFFFFF   3.77
AECCEB    3.19
CCCCCC    3.07

It’s hard to draw real meaning from the url color statistcs. It appears that the dark gray works best, but it’s hard to say why. It does mask the advertiser url, but then the ght grays do that even beter yet do not perform as wel. Standard blue and a somewhat darker blue also do very wel.

That sad, paring the gray with the 336 x 280 format and center posoning is your best bet, as that combination of factors aways outperformed the others n my statistcs.
Bottom line: Use a dark gray url color and avoid unconventional colors.

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